Dark Beat Factory # 002 - June 14th - 22.00 GMT - 23.00 Paris Time

Wednesday, 18 May 2011
For the second show, i m proud to get as guest my friend Deejay Moldavius from Toulon - France.

When he was young, Moldavius (Original name : Vigné David) was rocked in the electronic and progressive music. With the time, he wanted to deepen these musical type. In 90’s going a success and slowly gives way to the techno music. ...The... click is immediate & he decides to open his mind and learn by himself with these first vinyls.

In 1996 he organizes his first rave party, helped by Christian Sims who at this time, is already well-known (or famous) on underground stage by his performances and his events. It has been a rich learning experience to keep going on this way, this allows him to set up an association with friends and to promote through events of the artists such as No. side, Of jamency, Anton' x, Christian Sims and many other one!!!!

In 2002, David makes a break, and it’s only in 2009 who he decides to recover to the music and to go to the tech-house music and dark techno which look like Moldavius.

2010 and 2011 resound more techno and dark techno. His first EP named Primitive EP is OUT NOW on Triskel Tech Recordings since may and be sure that more will come soon.


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