The Plastic Fantastic team continues to travel the planet to discover musical gems, and for this one we landed in Livorno in Italy, where we encountered SoogoWonk.

Not just a bunch of bedroom musicians, SoogoWonk are a 3-piece live act that has started to build a loyal local following. The band was formed in early 2009 by three italian musicians who call themselves Dr. MikeNoiZeBoX and MachineBoy. They are fascinated by electronic technology applied to music, and use it in every sound note they produce. Their continuous artistic research leads to a creative mix of electronic genres, with influences ranging from the Chemical Brothers to Daft Punk, and from Groove Armada to Nine Inch Nails.

Three members, one sound, but three distinctly different musical backgrounds: Dr. Mikestudied classical piano since childhood, has performed as a guitarist and bass player in various rock bands and has experience as DJ SelectorNoiZeBoX began playing keyboards and synths at 14 years old, had many experiences as keyboard player for progressive rock and new wave/dark bands, and is always keen on programming and generating sounds using all kinds of samples. MachineBoy is the pure synthesist of them, he likes to defines himself "the non-musician" and has spent many years as a Techno and Trance DJ.

Plastic Fantastic bring you their first-ever release, called appropriately the "Fase Uno EP". The three tracks "Magneti", "Railway" and "Step Two" show different sides of their musical arsenal to showcase their music. We will surely hear more from SoogoWonk in the near future.

Listen here:




"Great release guys, really like your sound!" - Pete Jordan(IDJ)


"Wow, cool E.P. All 3 will be road-tested" - Christian Pandonis (A Big Night Out)

"Railway is the track for me. Almost has an Orbital vibe to it." - DJ Tronic (DanceFloor Mayhem / KBOO)

"Magneti, what can I say... some fantastic melodic synth sounds, all three tracks hit the mark, a clean techno/trance sound. I will be supporting" - Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News)

"Love it! Like a time-travel to 95' techy cybertrance meets body stuff" - Gustav Bagge (

"Railway for me." - Pete M (

"Step Two is a tune - Will play that one " - Salvador Guzman(

"I like!" - Martin Böttcher (Byte FM)

"Love the hypnotic Magneti and the shimmering Step Two" -Mark Kavanagh (Spin 103.8 FM / Irish Daily Star)



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